Undergraduate Community Offices

Each building is served by a Community Office. Residents can go there to check-in and receive a key to their room, borrow a loaner key when they are locked out of their room, and report any concerns or issues with there room. For more information on the office that serves your building, please click on the appropriate link beow.

East Community Housing Office serves Brown, Cloudman, Field, Fourth Street Apartments, Glenn, Goldin, Hanson, Harris, Harrison, Hayes, Hopkins, Howell, Matheson, Perry, Smith, Stein, and Towers.

North Avenue Community Housing Office serves North Avenue Apartments North, South, East, and West.

North Community Housing Office serves Graduate Living Center and Tenth & Home.

West Community Housing Office serves Armstrong, Caldwell, Center Street Apartments, Crecine, Eighth Street Apartments, Fitten, Folk, Freeman, Hefner, Hemphill, Maulding, Montag, Sixth Street Apartments, Woodruff .

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