Housing Safety

The Department of Housing takes your safety very seriously, and we are doing our best to improve resident's safety every day. It can't be entirely our responsibility, however. Please do your part to keep your belongings, your neighbors, and yourself safe.

  1. Don't allow people to walk in behind you when you enter your building.
  2. Always lock your door when you are not in your room or you are going to be sleeping or otherwise not paying attention to what is going on.
  3. Take your keys with you whenever you leave your room.
  4. Register your valuables with the Police, or at least, have your serial numbers written down and kept in a safe place
  5. Never leave valuables (CDs, satellite radios, cell phones, shopping bags, mp3 players, money, etc.) visible in your car.
  6. Always evacuate the building when the alarm sounds.
  7. Be aware of what is going on around you, and report suspicious things to the Police (894-2500) or the student staff member in your area.

This website is designed to provide you with tools to help you with the above. You can see the latest crime statistics for residential areas on campus, register your bike and your laptop with the Police, find out where to evacuate to in case of an emergency, and ask questions or make comments to Housing and the Police about safety issues on campus.

BOLOs - Be On the LookOut (Coming soon)

Laptop Registration

Bike Registration
(Print and fill out form. Then bring to the Police Department to receive your regstration decal.)

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FAQ (Coming soon)

Emergency Evacuation Plan