Georgia Tech Residence Life Learning Outcomes

Educational Priority: As Residence Life we commit to create environments in alignment with the Institute's values by facilitating purposeful opportunities for students to live, learn, work, and play, which will motivate students to serve as Georgia Tech leaders in society. The residential experience provides a powerful laboratory where students can grow in the areas of community involvement, professional development, global civility, and personal development.

  • Community Involvement: Residents will understand how their actions make an impact on their community through making a commitment to service, social interactions, and civic responsibility.
    • Service: Residents will understand the positive impact they can have on society by serving as volunteers, active members, and leaders within their community.
    • Social Interactions: Residents will establish meaningful relationships with others in the Georgia Tech community by participating in hall and campus activities.
    • Civic Responsibility: Residents will examine their behaviors and how the results of those actions make an impact on others.

  • Global Civility: Residents will explore their questions pertaining to social, cultural, and economic backgrounds and perspectives which encourage an increased understanding of the human condition.
    • Understanding similarities and differences: Residents will explore the impact that similarities and differences in background and values have on one's perspective.
    • Tolerance: Residents will demonstrate respect for differing perspectives by living and interacting appropriately with members of their community.
    • Global Perspective: Residents will examine their interconnectedness to other societies in order to understand global perspectives.

  • Personal Development: Residents will examine their personal values, goals, and lifestyle to achieve a balanced approach to everyday life.
    • Healthy Lifestyle: Residents will correlate a connection between physical, emotional, and social well being and their success as a student.
    • Personal Identity: Residents will examine their personal values, motivations, skills, and weaknesses and how these affect the decisions they make.
    • Process of Achieving Goals: Residents will identify realistic goals and develop a plan to achieve personal and academic success.

  • Professional Development: Residents will learn and practice problem solving, self-discipline, and communication skills that promote team work and collaborative innovation.
    • Problem Solving Skills: Residents will be able to identify and critically analyze interpersonal situations and problems to develop effective solutions.
    • Communication Skills: Residents will use effective verbal and appropriate non-verbal communication skills that promote collaboration.
    • Career Development Skills: Residents will develop skills for career preparation that will serve them in becoming successful professionals.

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