Graduate students have a unique lifestyle. We know that many of your days will be long-working on research until all hours of the night. We also know that some of you will need to adjust to a new town and a new institution. Our building is designed and our staff is trained to help you succeed. We have more study lounges than recreational areas and our activities help you acclimate to Metro Atlanta. About 70% of our residents are International so the experiences you have living with us will be more than even you can imagine.

The graduate housing areas also have an extremely strong tradition of hall government. In 2001, respectively the Graduate Living Center Hall Council won the "Hall Council of the Year" from Tech's Residence Hall Association. This honor has been bestowed on a graduate hall council 3 times since 1993. Our residents are committed to enjoying their time at Tech, in between conferences, paper submissions, comps and qualifiers. We hope you consider joining our international community of scholars.

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