Establishing Your Network with Faculty and Staff: Freshman Partners

What is a Freshman Partner?

A Freshman Partner (FP) is a mentor, resource, friend, and support system providing invaluable assistance as a teacher, coach, advisor, role model, and much more. Freshman Partners are Georgia Tech faculty, staff, and alumni who participate in activities with first year students that include social events, discussions about major and careers, and other educational activities.

Freshman Partners play a crucial role because they can bring a perspective that Peer Leaders cannot offer to first-year students. What can FPs do for you? Because FPs are faculty, staff, and alumni, they offer a wide-range of experiences and can provide a great deal of insight about Georgia Tech culture as well as campus services and resources. As you get to know your FP, he or she can serve as a part of your network with possible job leads and undergraduate research opportunities.Additionally, if you are applying for scholarships, leadership positions within student organizations, or jobs, you will need references. Who better to serve as a reference than your FP? Most importantly, a relationship with an FP is what you make of it.

When you arrive on campus, ask your Peer Leader about the Freshman Partner for your section as well as other opportunities for networking on and off campus.

For faculty, staff, and alumni

Faculty, staff, and alumni who wish to know more about becoming involved with the Freshman Partner Program can contact us at

Freshman Partner  Bud Peterson
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