Provide Leadership and Involvement Opportunities

Within the Freshman Experience Program, there are many opportunities to get involved and develop and foster leadership skills.

Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leaders Program provides participants with the knowledge and resources to expand their personal and professional leadership skills. The program inspires participants to develop their leadership skills through self-assessment by forging effective partnerships with campus and community leaders and by acquiring the appropriate knowledge required to refine the critical skills for effective leadership. The program will offer experiences and develop skills in communication, group management, and team building, while also taking into account the participant's individual leadership style. The program provides opportunities to examine personal values, opinions, and beliefs to discover potential and expand horizons.

Please go to the Emerging Leaders Web site for further information.

Hall Council

Hall Councils are part of the Georgia Tech Residence Hall Association (RHA). They consist of officers and presidents of the buildings in a particular area. The Hall Council is the primary governing body for those halls. For freshmen, Hall Council officers are elected by the residents in the area within the first two weeks of Fall semester. Residents serve as representatives in Hall Council and are encouraged to take an active role during meetings and within the residence halls. The purpose of the Hall Council is to regulate policy issues, such as quiet hours, and to plan programs for the residents. They are the link between the residents and RHA.

Freshman Activities Board

The mission of the Freshman Activities Board (FAB) is to provide excellent programming for the freshman class, while developing its freshman members into leaders of the Georgia Tech community. FAB members are selected during the fall semester and receive a budget that they use to plan activities for the rest of the freshman class. They are guided by an advisory board of former FAB members who help them in the planning and implementation of the events they conceptualize. FAB members come up with the ideas for all of the events they hold - it really is their organization. Examples of previous FAB events are a double-decker bus tour of Atlanta, a toga party, volunteer events at local schools and child care centers, as well as many events during RATS Week, the welcome week for new GT students.

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