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The Freshman Experience Program is a self-selected living option offered by the Department of Housing and Residence Life. Our purpose is to help 1st year residents build a solid personal and academic foundation within the context of a diverse and inclusive community. The program helps residents learn to understand their own personal identity and how to engage in their new community, which are cornerstones for success at Georgia Tech.

First-year success is critical at any college, but especially one as challenging as Georgia Tech. Nationally, one out of five college freshmen drop out during the first year. The Freshman Experience program addresses this problem by providing a network of support systems, thereby increasing the likelihood of achieving academic and personal success.

While the Freshman Experience is designed to provide you with a foundation of support, it does not restrict your personal growth. As a Freshman Experience participant, you will not be led around campus in a group or have your free time overly structured. You will be recognized for the adult that you are, and you will be respected and encouraged. The program's resources are there for you when you need them, but will not interfere in your life when you don't.

Components of the Freshman Experience Program

  1. Living Together: Freshman Housing and Meal Plan
  2. Provide Leadership and Involvement Opportunities
  3. Make Upperclass Connections
  4. Establish Networks with Faculty, Staff, and Alumni
  5. Utilizing Academic Resources
  6. Developing Best Practices for Success

So how can you participate?

Complete your online housing application form and select the Freshman Experience program. The program has a limited number of spaces, so be sure to apply early. Applying for the program does not guarantee a space. There are spaces on east and west campus. If you have additional questions, contact the Department of Housing at 404-385-FREX (3739).

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