Mandy Garcia
Mandy Garcia
Hall Director
Howell - 640 Williams St NW
Style Traditional Program Grand Challenges
Gender co-ed by floor Floors / Spaces 3 / 123
Location East campus | campus map Served by East Community Housing Office
Floor plans floor 0 | floor 1 | floor 2 | floor 3
Year Built 1939 Last Renovation 1999
Howell Residence Hall
Howell features traditional two-person rooms with shared bathrooms on the hall.

Howell is home to students in the Grand Challenges program.

This description applies to nearly all rooms in this building. Some rooms may have a slightly different configuration due to design differences and renovations. All rooms will have the same compliment of furniture. However, pictures below are of actual student rooms and may contain additional furniture and decoration provided by the resident.

See Furniture Details for a complete listing of furniture in each room.

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Howell 2 Person Layout

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Howell 2 Person Layout
2 Person
Howell 4 Person Layout
4 Person

Additional Building Details

Howell Bedroom

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Bedrooms are furnished with a bed (with extra-long mattress), desk, desk chair, wardrobe and dresser per resident. The beds can be independently set up in four ways: low, medium, high and bunked. There are also a limited number of four person rooms (103, 104, 117, 203, 204, 218, 303, 304, 318) in this building. Bed height can vary according to its configuration. Please visit our "Lofts" policy for more information.

Howell Kitchen

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There is a large kitchen located on the first floor of Howell. There are also smaller kitchens located on the second and third floors.

Howell Lounge

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The is a large lounge associated with the kitchen on the first floor of Howell. Additionally, a TV lounge located in the basement of Howell.

Howell Study

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Study Area:
There is a Learning Center on the first floor of Howell. Tutoring is available Sunday through Thursday nights from 8:00 PM 'til Midnight.

Howell Laundry

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Laundry facilities for the residents of Howell are located in nearby Brittain Hall.

Howell Workout

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A workout room is located in the basement of Howell Hall.