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Residence Hall Staffing Pattern
Housing Staff Acronyms/Initials

Residence Hall Staffing Pattern

The Department of Housing organizes itself into four communities: East, West, North, and North Avenue. These are often called by another name East = Freshman Experience/FE, West = WESTech, North = Grad & Family, North Ave = NANO or NAA. Regardless of what your student may call it, each has a Community Office where administrative functions occur.

The East Community has Traditional Halls that comprise the Freshman Experience on the East Campus. The East Community Housing Office is located in Field Residence Hall at 711 Techwood Drive, and is open from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm. Monday through Friday. The buildings in this area are:

  • Traditional style Freshman Experience: Field, Matheson, Perry, Hopkins, Hanson, Glenn, Cloudman, Towers, Harris, Howell, Smith, and Brown Halls.
  • Suite style - non FE - Harris, Fourth Street E, Stein, Goldin and Hayes Halls.

The West Community consists of Apartment, Suite, and Freshman Experience traditional halls. The West Community Housing Office is located in Commander Building at 871 McMillan St. N.W., and is open from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm, Monday through Friday. The buildings in this area are:

  • Apartment style: Sixth Street Apartments, Maulding Hall, Crecine Hall, Undergraduate Living Center, Eighth Street Apartments, and Center Street Apartments
  • Traditional style and Suite style: Fulmer and Woodruff Halls.
  • Traditional style Freshman Experience: Fitten, Freeman, Folk, Caldwell, Hefner, Armstrong and Montag Halls.

The North Community consists of Graduate and Family Housing. The North Community Housing Office is located in the Graduate Living Center at 301 10th St. N.W., and is open from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm, Monday through Friday. The buildings in this community are:

  • Graduate Living Center and 10th&Home.

The North Avenue Community has Apartment style halls in a four-building complex. The North Avenue Office is in North Avenue North at 120 North Avenue, N.W., and is open from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm, Monday through Friday. The buildings in this area are:

  • Apartment style - North Avenue East, West, North and South

Housing Staff Acronyms/Initials

There is a full complement of staff available in each hall to provide support for residents. The following is a list of those staff:

  • AD - Assistant Directors
    Are professional staff who assume responsibility for the Community Offices, facility management, and supervision of the Area Managers. They hold a Master's or Ph.D. in Higher Education, Counseling or related area and have at least 10 years full-time Housing experience.
  • OM - Office Managers
    Are employees who manage the Community Offices, including supervising student staff and maintaining the administrative functions for the office.
  • AM - Area Managers
    These professional staff supervise the full-time Hall Directors. They handle facility concerns, student behavior issues and chair initiatives within the Residence Life. Each has a Master's degree in Higher Education or related field and 5-7 years of post graduate school experience in Housing.
  • HD - Hall Directors
    These full-time professional staff live in the halls and supervise one or two halls and the Student Staff Members within them. This includes programming, crisis management, counseling and advising student groups. These roles are filled with Master's degree holders who have 1-4 years of full-time, post graduate school housing experience.
  • PL - Peer Leaders (Student Staff Member)
    Are student staff who live in Freshman Experience halls and are responsible for the development of communities in their floors and sections. They assist with individual and group concerns, plan programs, and administer Housing policies.
  • RA - Resident Advisors (Student Staff Member)
    Are students who live with a designated group of residents in traditional, suite-style, family, and apartment buildings. They are responsible for the management of their halls and buildings, including advising and counseling individuals and groups, planning programs, administering hall policies, and managing administrative functions.