What's in your students' room

Each room has a bed (extra-long twin/single mattress), desk, desk chair, wardrobe, chest of drawers and computer network connection for each resident. In addition, there is one cable TV jack in each double room and suite-style room. In the apartments, there are kitchens (stove, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher), living room (sofa, chairs, table and chairs) and cable TV outlets in each student sleeping room. *Some buildings do vary (please see Building Pages for your specific building).


Lofts may not be constructed or erected in any residence hall room. However, nearly all rooms do contain beds that can be arranged in multiple configurations. A description of the different configurations is listed below. In general, Traditional and Suite style beds will allow all configurations while Apartment style beds can be set at low and medium height. Please review our detailed Loft Policy for more information..


  • All bed reconfigurations must be performed by Housing Facility Staff. To request a reconfiguration, complete a Maintenance Request online or contact the Housing Facilities Work Center at 404-894-0520.
  • Bed Safety Rails:
    When beds are requested to be raised to the high position in authorized halls, students who are prone to rolling out of a twin bed should consider bringing a safety rail to attach to the frame to prevent serious injuries from falling from a higher height. These are available from major retailers and online. If a bed is raised too high for your desires submit a housing work request to get it lowered to one of the other approved configurations. Beds are not to be placed adjacent to a window where a student might roll out the window while asleep.