Tips for successful moves

Moving In: Any visitor to campus notes the lack of parking near our halls. This makes the process of moving in a trying affair-unless you work with us! First, unless it cannot be had in metro Atlanta, consider not bringing it! Many students find that our rooms are as small as they seem, and two peoples' belongings will simply not fit. Calling roommates ahead and being honest with what you are bringing helps this situation. Second, realize that students today require more possessions, but most of our traditional rooms were built before 1970. Just because you plan to move your son or daughter here in an SUV does not mean you have to fill all of the cargo space! Packing wisely will be appreciated by everyone involved!

Moving Out: Encourage your student to pack during finals week, not simply at the end! Maybe two weeks before Spring Move-out, ask if they have recycled all of their newspapers and cans. Then, suggest they pack all of their non-essentials. In doing so, they will break the job into smaller pieces and still have time to study. If you can make a trip in April to "take a load home", please try. Because we have Summer School and Conferences in most of our halls (or they are being closed for painting, etc.), we must insist that students meet all deadlines at Move-out. Please help them do so!

Remaining on campus for Breaks

During the Fall (August-December) and Spring (January-May) semesters, all halls remain open during academic and holiday breaks. Student and professional staff remain on duty for emergencies. We certainly encourage residents to "take a break from Tech," but they may come and go throughout the break periods. We do not collect keys or ask students to pack up except at the close of Spring semester. Even students who stay for summer school will be packing and moving, for most do not remain in their spring room for summer.