Submit Maintenance Request

   In order to process your requests properly, please submit
   each request separately.

Choose "Submit Maintenance Work Request" to create a new maintenance work request. Once your "Maintenance Work Request" is submitted, it will be processed by the Housing facilities work center.
Here is how the process works
1. Submit Maintenance Work Request
2. Request is reviewed by the Housing facilities work center
3. Request is accepted and becomes a "work order" and an email confirmation including your work order number will be sent to you or a request may not be accepted. If so, an email with the reason will be sent to you.

Check Status by Number

To check the status of a Maintenance Work Request or Work Order, select the appropriate choice above, enter the corresponding number (sample "21" or "GH-18051", Work Orders always begin with "GH-") and choose "Submit Query". You can use either the work request number you received when you submitted your request or the work order number that was e-mailed to you when your work request was accepted.