Staff & Community Development Office

The Staff & Community Development Office is located on the first floor of North Ave Apts West, RM 128 (Campus Map). Comprised of the functions of Staff Training and Development, Residential Judicial Affairs, Learning Assistance, Research and Assessment, and Marketing and Promotion, the staff efforts concentrate upon developing a strong residential community where all members can thrive.

Hours 8am - 5pm Monday-Friday
Fax Number (404) 385-3295
Mailing Address   Georgia Tech, Dept of Housing
North Ave Apts West, RM 128
120 North Ave. RM W128
Atlanta, GA 30332

Staff & Community Development Office Staff

Kimberly Hoover Kimberly Hoover - 404-894-3373

Position: Assistant Director for Staff and Community Development
Education: B.S. Bioscience-Genetic Engineering, MBA and M.S. Decision Sciences Drexel University

"I love working with staff and students to develop strong communities in our residence halls. It's important to me to provide advocacy to meet student needs through my passions of leadership development and social justice."

Larry T. Brown Larry T. Brown - 404-385-4523

Position: Coordinator of Leadership and Advising
Education: B.S. Chemistry, Georgia Southwestern State University; M.B.A. Management, Georgia Southwestern State University

"Having the passion of working with students and professional colleagues from diverse backgrounds is one of the greatest advantages of working at Georgia Tech. There are many ideas that are generated that makes residence life not only a great experience but also a creative way of life for all those involved."

Holly Habicht Shikano Holly Habicht Shikano - 404-385-4184

Position: Coordinator of Residential Academic Initiatives
Education: B.A. History/Asian studies, University of Florida; M. Ed. Higher Education, Florida State University

"Tech is a tough school. If my team and I do things right, our residents can focus on their academics and not have to worry about the little things. Being comfortable where you live, I believe, is critical to academic success. After all, our residents only get one undergraduate career, so making it fun and successful is important!"

Kaleitha Johnson Kaleitha Johnson - 404-894 0707

Position: Coordinator of Staff Training and Development
Education: B.A., Bowling Green State University; M.Ed. in Counselor Education, NC State University

"As the Coordinator of Training and Development, I plan and manage the comprehensive developmental programs for professional staff as well as student leaders.  My learning and development experience ranges from workshop facilitation to curriculum development to classroom instruction. Fostering the growth of a competent Residence Life Staff, to meet the ever-changing needs of our residents is exciting and rewarding."

Sheree Gibson Sheree Gibson - 404-385-3322

Position: Coordinator of Assessment and Research
Education: B.A. Sociology, The Ohio State University; M.A. College Student Personnel, Bowling Green State University

"As the coordinator of assessment and research, I am excited to tell the story of how Housing contributes to the retention and development of Georgia Tech students. Housing provides many growth opportunities for all of its residents and I am excited to contribute to the institute's understanding of Residence Life's impact on students."

Vacant - 404-894-8481

Position: Coordinator of Student Conduct


Venkata Damaraju - 404-385-3016
Position: Graduate Assistant - Training and Development

Iain Joseph - 404-385-3016
Position: Graduate Assistant - Judicial Affairs

Vacant - 404-385-3016
Position: Graduate Assistant - Assessment and Marketing