Reporting Problems

We Want YOU to Call Us ! ! !

We prefer you call in your own problems directly to one of our staff at the work reception desk at 404-894-0520, report it directly to your area maintenance supervisor (names and phone numbers located on service boards in main lobby of residence halls) or through our Web site.

This way, we can ask or contact you, the person who is most affected by or has the best information, to describe what's wrong.

When and Where to Call

Situations which affect your normal health and safety can be called into 404-894-0520, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, however, we prefer to receive your calls Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Don't assume that someone else reported problems in public areas.
Take the time to request work for problems you see in areas such as bathrooms, floor lounges, hallways, stairwells, lobbies, and exterior doors. Common areas are all part of your home away from home. When requesting work for public areas, you can help us by looking for the door number (i.e., 6 th St. W125A), hallway number (i.e., 4198), or by giving the bathroom, laundry or lounge room number that's either painted on the wall next to the door or on a plastic room number sign.

What to Expect When You Call
We ask for enough details to help our staff decide who will receive your request and to help our service staff understand as much as possible about the problem before they arrive.

For example, a closet door that is off its track is referred to Community Maintenance for a minor adjustment, but a hole in a closet door goes to the Carpentry Shop to have the hole repaired or the door replaced. Also, the size of a hole may assist the carpenter in deciding what materials to bring to the hall or if measurements should be taken instead to have a new door built.

We typically ask for the following:

  • your name and phone number, in case we need to contact you.
  • your address (building and room number)
  • detailed problem description
  • location of the problem (building and room number) if different than your room

Some work may already have been reported before you arrive or when you call! ! !
Even before you check in to your room, our staff or Residence Life staff may have reported problems. Because problems may have been previously reported, workers may arrive without prior notice to you. If you're not sure we know about a problem, call and report it, just to be sure that a work order is generated.

Your Work Order Number
When you call the Operations Desk, we will give you our work order number for each request for service you give us. This number can be used later to check on the status of your request.

Reporting Maintenance Requests

The Department of Housing Facilities Office has provided a number of ways in which to report maintenance concerns. Most problems will be assessed within 2-12 hours of your reporting it to the Housing Facilities office. Routine reports made on Friday or during the weekend will be followed up on the next business day.

Via the Internet/World Wide Web

  1. Using a World Wide Web browser go to the online Maintenance Request.
  2. Login in with your prism id and password
  3. Follow the insructions provided on the page.

Via the Telephone

Dial (404) 894-0520
Speak with the attendant or leave a message on the Voice Mail System.

  1. Please speak slowly and clearly.
  2. Leave your name AND phone number.
  3. Provide the exact location of the problem (i.e., toilet clogged - Eighth Street Apts. - East Building - Room 255 - C/D side Bathroom).

The more detailed you are about the location and problem, the faster the response time.

Via the FAX

  1. Dial (404) 894-5146
  2. Provide the following information in a legible format:
    • Name
    • E-mail address
    • Building
    • Room
    • Phone #
    • Problem type
    • Description of problem - please provide as much detail as possible.
    • Provide the exact location of the problem (i.e., toilet clogged - Eighth Street Apts. - East Building - room 255 - C/D side bathroom). The more detailed you are about the location and problem, the faster the response time.

Things to Consider:

  1. Please inform your roommate(s) and/or suite-mate(s), of your call to the Maintenance Request Line. This will eliminate duplicate calls for the same problem.
  2. Only one call, FAX or internet submission is necessary to report a problem. Repeated reports for the same problem will only overload and slow down the system for responding to problems. All calls are recorded by the Caller Identification System, please be considerate of the attendant receiving the call.
  3. If you are calling to report a problem in a common area (i.e., kitchen, lounge or bathroom), please leave your own name and room number in the event the maintenance worker has a question that needs to be addressed.
  4. Due to the number of calls processed through the maintenance request office, attendants will not always be able to return calls concerning the status of work. Therefore, it is critical to leave clear an accurate message.