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Dates and Deadlines

Application Procces

Campus Life

Campus Life

Welcome to one of the most excitingmulticultural academic environments in the country! At Georgia Tech, you can look forward to a rewarding academic journey AND one of the most well-rounded life experiences youcould ever expect out of your college years.

Georgia Tech’s Department of Housing plays a key role in that experience and is committedto providing you with the very best in housingprograms, services, and resources. Living oncampus will allow you to make the most ofeverything Tech has to offer.

Transfer students can choose to live in on-campus apartment-style residence halls or on-campus suites.

Why Campus Life?

• You increase your chances of attaining and maintaining a high GPA. Studies have shown that students who live on campus get better grades.

• You can build lifetime friendships.

• You’ll avoid stressful and expensive commutes.

• Extracurricular campus activities will afford you a healthy balance between a demanding workload and non-academic diversions.

• You’ll enjoy access to high-speed Internet and HD cable channels.

Students with Disabilities

The Department of Housing is committed to providing access and accommodations for all students. Apply for housing first, then immediately register with the ADAPTS Disability Service program at 404.894.2563 or 404.894.1664 (TDD). Housing and ADAPTS will work together to verify your need and find proper accommodations. Remember that there are a limited number of accessible rooms, so all deadlines must be met to allow us to better accommodate you.

• The Institute’s emphasis on campus safety creates a sense of security within the Tech community.

Application Process

Transfer Application Procedures

Once you have been accepted to GeorgiaTech and secured your spot by paying your acceptance deposit, you can apply for on-campus housing. To apply, log in to BuzzPort (www.buzzport.gatech.edu) and select “My Housing”. Please note that there will be aone-time, nonrefundable $80 application feecharged to your student account.

Room and roommate assignments areprocessed according to the housing applicationcompletion date, so you are stronglyencouraged to complete the online applicationas soon as possible after being accepted.

Roommate Assignments

If you are looking for a roommate, our onlinehousing application has a roommate finder. You can find potential roommates based on severalprofile questions. Browse your list of matches,and contact the one who best fits you.

Fall Semester

All transfer students who first submit the $600 rent prepayment and then the online application by May 1 areguaranteed housing. Room and roommate information isreleased by the second week of July and can be viewedby pulling up your completed housing application viaBuzzPort. Late applications are accepted but are notguaranteed. Fall housing contracts are for the entireacademic year; students will be financially responsiblefor both the fall and spring semesters.

Spring Semester

All transfer students needing just spring housing must

Summer Semester

All transfer students must first submit the $300 rent prepayment and then the online application by thelast week of March; late applications are accepted. Summer housing contracts are only for the summer semester.

How Housing Contacts You

All students must have an active Georgia Tech email account. This serves as your official point of contact. The account should be checked daily and can beaccessed through BuzzPort.

submit the $600 rent prepayment and online applicationby the second week of November; late applications areaccepted. Spring housing contracts are only for thespring semester.

Dates and Deadlines


To be guaranteed a room on campus, submit your housing application by:

• Fall Semester - May 1

• Spring Semester - mid-November

Room assignments are processed according tothe housing application completion date.

When Paying by Mail

Include your gtID number on the check andmail it to:

Georgia Institute of Technology

Bursar’s Office

Lyman Hall

225 North Avenue

Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0255

Canceling Your Housing

If you must cancel your housing applicationor contract, do so under “My Housing” onBuzzPort. Notifying Admission, the Registrar’s Office, a co-op advisor, a resident advisor, or a peer leader does not constitute anofficial cancellation; you are responsible for

canceling your housing application or contract online.

Canceling early will lessen your penalties.

If you are unable to cancel under “My Housing,” send an email to information@housing.gatech.edu with “HousingCancellation” in the subject line. Remember to include your name, gtID, and reason for canceling.

Cancellation Penalty Schedule

Fall Academic Year

• Cancellations received through March 31: $370 refund

• Cancellations received April 1 through April 30: $220 refund

• Cancellations received May 1 through June 30:$70 refund

• Cancellations received July 1 through July 31: No refund

Students canceling after July 31 will be billed an additional $400 if registered and/or attending classes at Georgia Tech.

Spring Semester

• Cancellations received on or before November 15: $220 refund

• Cancellations received after November 15: No refund

Summer Semester

• Cancellations received on or before April 1: $70 refund

• Cancellations received after April 1: No refund

For more information, visit www.housing.gatech.edu.

Georgia Tech Department of Housing

353 Ferst Drive, Room 102

Georgia Institute of Technology

Atlanta, GA 30332


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