With one semester under your belt, it's time to start planning for yoursecond year at Georgia Tech.

Living on campus provides a great opportunity tocontinue strengthening your bonds with the Tech community. It's also incredibly convenient foraccessing campus resources and events. Who wantsto trek across town for a study group? All your friends live close by - it doesn't get much better than on-campus housing!

Each residential community has a team of staff members who work cooperatively to build and maintain a feeling of community. Each residential community has a team of staff members who work cooperatively to build and maintain a feeling of community.

Room Descriptions

Rising second-year students have the option of livingin residence halls that offer either apartment-style or suite-style housing in a variety of different layouts.

Apartment-Style Living

The majority of rising second-year students seekingon-campus housing will be assigned an apartment. Each apartment features four to six private bedrooms,with two to three bathrooms, a full kitchen, living room,and dining/study area. Fully furnished with an openkitchen and large windows, each apartment offers a great living space.

Suite-Style Living

Woodruff and Harris feature suite-style rooms (two, two-person rooms sharing a full bathroom). The beds can be set up in three ways: low, medium, or bunked.

In both apartment-style and suite-style housing, each bedroom is furnished with an extra-long twin bed, chest of drawers, desk, desk chair, and wardrobe. Apartment style living rooms include a sofa, endtables, a coffee table, and a dining table and chairs. The kitchen comes equipped with a stove, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, and garbage disposal. Bedrooms and living areas are carpeted.

All campus housing includes utilities, free high-speedInternet access (wired and wireless), and HD cablechannels.

Studies show that students who live on campus are more likely to achieve higher GPAs and to graduate from college.

How the Room Selection Process Works

A rising second-year student is a student who enrolled at Georgia Tech in summer or fall 2012. You've considered a rising second-year student even if your classstatus is a sophomore, junior, or senior due to your APcredit hours. Unlike last year, room assignments are made using a room selection number based on yourclass status and the number credit hours earned at Georgia Tech at the end of fall semester.

The Procedure

1. A room selection number is determined by your Institute class status (senior to freshman) at the endof the fall 2012 semester. Your class status includes AP credit hours.

• Senior (90+ hours)

• Junior (60-89 hours)

• Sophomore (30-59 hours)

• Freshman (0-29 hours)

2. Next, students are sorted within class status by thenumber of passed credit hours earned at GeorgiaTech at the end of the fall 2012 semester.

3. Finally, students who have the same ranking will be randomly sorted. Upperclassmen are assigned first; rising second-year students are assigned next.

Among second-year students, 75 percent were assigned apartments before classes began in August. Among second-year students, 75 percent were assigned apartments before classes began in August.

ThinkBig Georgia Tech's Living-Learning Communities

ThinkBig is an exciting, out-of-the-classroom experience that provides students with the opportunityto explore fun and interesting topics through socials, campus outings, and events in the metro Atlanta area. Students will engage in meaningful interactions with peers and tenured faculty members. Studiesshow that students who participate in living-learning communities can be more connected socially andacademically, and are thus more successful in college. Participants have the opportunity to live together in apartment-style housing. Community themes for 2013/2014 academic year are:

1. Center Stage: Exploring Performing Arts in Atlanta - Melissa Foulger, Literature, Media, and Communication

2. Applied Humor - Pete Ludovice, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

3. ATL: The 411 on the 404 - Douglas Flamming, History, Technology, and Society

4. International House - Kelly Comfort, Modern Languages

5. Kids@Nature - Alfred Merrill, Biology (background check required)

6. Life in Art and Imagination - Jude LeBlanc & Sonit Bafna, Architecture

7. Sustainability and Outdoor Leadership - Dan Matisoff, Public Policy

8. Thought for Food - Yonathan Thio, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

9. Women, Science, and Technology - Carol Colatrella, Literature, Media, and Communication

For additional information on ThinkBig visit www.ThinkBig.gatech.edu.


Dear Parent,

We know that you want your Yellow Jacket to thrive here at Georgia Tech, and we understand the important role that parents play in advising their college students on thechoices they make. In the upcoming spring semester, your student will be asked to choose whether or not to remain in on-campus housing.

We hope this brochure provides the information you need to discuss your student's housing options, including thebenefits of living in an on-campus apartment versus off campus and our fall 2013 room sign-up procedures.

One of the more frequent questions we hear is: whyshould a student stay on campus for a second year? When students move off campus, they lose some of their connections to campus and student life that can enhancetheir academic success and personal growth. Tutoring services, Stamps Health Services, the Campus RecreationCenter, dining halls, the library, and the Student Center are some of the resources that are convenient to students who live on campus, not to mention being close for studentorganizations and campus events.

We encourage you to contact us at 404.894.2470 or e-mail us at information@housing.gatech.edu if you have anyquestions. We hope to see you on move-in day in fall 2013!

Benefits of On-Campus Housing

• Instant Community

• Convenient Location

• Safe Environment

• Avoid Atlanta Traffic

• Utilities Included

Safety and Security

All of our residence halls have controlled access entry, and blue light phones are located throughout campus. On-campushousing is regularly patrolled by the GeorgiaTech Police Department. Tech also provides a safety escort service for students who arewalking through campus at night.

Department of Housing

353 Ferst Drive

Atlanta, GA 30332-0459

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