Frequently Asked Questions

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I. Contract Terms

Are Freshmen required to live on campus?
While the majority of freshmen live on campus, it is not required.

When is the application and prepayment due?
Prepayments must be paid before you can apply. Refer to the Assignments page and click on your specific student type for deadline dates.

Where do I submit my housing prepayment?
You can submit your housing deposit with a credit card online on or if you would like to use a check, you can mail it to: Georgia Institute of Technology, Bursar's Office, Lyman Hall, 225 North Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia. Be sure to include your gtID number on the check.

When are the remainder of the fees due?
All fees including meal plans, housing and tuition must be paid to the Bursar by 4pm the Friday before classes begin.

Can I receive a payment deferment?
Certain returning students are eligible for deferment. If you are eligible for deferment, you will be able to proceed with your online application without first making the prepayment.

Does the prepayment go towards my rent?
Yes, with the exception of a one time non-refundable $80.00 application fee.

How do I get a copy of my contract?
Contracts are accepted online and may be viewed or printed, as needed. If you need official proof of residency, contact the Central Housing office at 404-894-2470.

When will I find out my room and roommate information?
Room and roommate information will be posted online the 3rd week of July for fall semester, late November for spring semester and mid-April for summer semester.

Are undergraduate transfer students guaranteed housing?
Yes, if you prepay and apply before the May 1st deadline for fall semester. However, transfer students are not guaranteed for spring and summer semesters.

Can I move in Early?
There is no early move in for Spring and Summer semesters. Fall move-in dates will be posted on the Housing website under Dates to Remember.

What if I decide not to attend Georgia Tech or decide to live off campus? How do I cancel my contract/application.
You may cancel online or send in written notification to the Central Housing Office, 353 Ferst Drive NW, Atlanta, GA. 30332-0459, or you may email Be sure to include your name, gtID (90) semester in which you are canceling and the reason for the cancellation. Refer to the housing application/contract for penalties, which may apply.

II. Residence Halls

Can I have a tour of a room in the residence halls before I arrive?
Click here to take a 360º tour by selecting your building.

What are the dimensions of the rooms?
Room dimensions vary in the residence halls. East Campus traditional buildings are approximately 12' X 10' to 15' X 11'. West Campus traditional buildings are approximately 15' X 11'. Suite style, Harris is 12' X 10' and Woodruff hall is 15' X 12'. The apartment style buildings have individual bedrooms which are approximately 11' X 8' 10". Window dimensions of the rooms vary as well. Sizes range from 44" X 95" to 51" X 116". You will need to determine the size of your window once you arrive on campus. Blinds are provided and already installed.

Can I loft my bed?
Lofts may not be constructed or erected in any residence hall room. However, some rooms do contain beds that can be arranged in multiple configurations. In general, Traditional and Suite style beds will allow multiple configurations while Apartment style does not. Please see the Lofts policy for more specific information.

What furniture is in my room? What should I bring with me to my room?
Please see "Items to Bring"

What are the sizes of the mattresses?
Mattresses are twin extra long (Twin XL, 80 inches long).

Are microwaves, refrigerators and other appliances allowed in the residence halls?
Microwaves using less than 10 amps of power and refrigerators no larger than 4.5 cubic-feet are allowed in the residence halls. Appliances with exposed heating elements are not allowed in the residence halls (e.g. toasters, toaster ovens, space heaters, etc.).

Can students remain on campus during breaks? Are the dining halls open?
Students can remain on campus during semester or holiday breaks. The dining halls are NOT open during this time.

What is the Freshman Experience Program?
Please see the FE web page.

Sending Mail to the Campus

Student Mail
The correct address format for mail and packages addressed to a student is:
Line 1: Student's Name
Line 2: 3##### (Box Number) Georgia Tech Station
Line 3: Atlanta, GA 30332

Attention New Students: If you do not yet have a box assignment, address package as "Incoming new student, Georgia Tech Station" on line 2.

When sending packages through UPS, DHL, FedEx or any others which do not accept packages addressed to P.O. Boxes, please use the following format:

Line 1: Student's Name
Line 2: 350 Ferst Drive
Line 3: Box Number 3##### Georgia Tech Station
Line 4: Atlanta, GA 30332-0450

General Campus Mail
The correct address format for mail and packages addressed to a department or individual.
Line 1: Georgia Institute of Technology
Line 2: Department Name
Line 3: Individual's Name (if applicable)
Line 4: Atlanta, GA 30332-(Department's Mail Code)

Overnight Mail is delivered the same day of receipt.

III. Miscellaneous

How do I make changes to my meal plan?
All Freshman Experience meal plans are handled by the Central Housing Office (404-894-2470). All other meal plans are handled by the Buzz Card Center.

I have to sign up for parking now, but I don't know my actual room assignment. What do I do?
Sign up for the area in which you think will be most convenient to your classes. Parking will work to change your parking area to meet your needs if space is available in the area you wish to park.

I am a new student, how do I get my gtAccount (email) number?
After your application is received by Georgia Tech you will be given an email account known as the "gtAccount". To activate your account, simply go to, click on I need to activate my account (Students Only), and enter the required information. The Department of Housing will communicate with students via e-mail as much as possible. Check your GT e-mail account regularly.

What is my GTID #?
The GTID # is a nine digit number used as the student's ID. It will also be assigned after your application to Georgia Tech is received by admissions.

What is my Oscar Pin #?
Your initial pin is your 6 digit birthdate (MMDDYY). You must change your pin in OSCAR the first time you log in and answer the security questions. If you are a new student and have forgotten your pin or tried more than three times incorrectly, therefore locking yourself out, contact the Admissions Office at 404 894-4154.

If you are a returning student and you have forgotten your pin or have been locked out of OSCAR, you may contact the Registrar's Office at 404 894-4150 or fax 404 894-0167 or email For more information on resetting your OSCAR pin, visit

What is the mailing address and fax number to the Georgia Tech Department of Housing?
Student Services Building
Department of Housing
353 Ferst Drive Suite 102
Atlanta, Georgia. 30332-0459
404-894-2470 Phone
404-894-6573 Fax