Learning Center Locations

Learning Assistance Program
Area One: East Campus North
Smith, 2nd floor
Cloudman, Basement
North Avenue North, Yellow Jacket Room
Area Two: East Campus South
Glenn, Basement
Towers, Basement
Matheson, 1st floor
Area Three: West Campus
Caldwell, Basement
Hefner, Basement
Montag, Basement


Learning Center Hours of Operation

     Sunday - Wednesday: 8:00pm - 11:00pm in all Freshman Experience Learning Centers
     Monday - Tuesday: 9pm - 12am in North Avenue North, Yellow Jacket Room


Learning Center Primary Courses

     MATH 1501: Calculus I
     MATH 1502: Calculus II
     MATH 2401: Calculus III
     MATH 2403: Differential Equations

     CHEM 1310: General Chemistry
     CHEM 1311: Inorganic Chemistry

     CS 1371: Computing for Engineers
     CS 1372: Program Design for Engineers

     ECE 2025: Introduction to Signal Processing
     ECE 2030: Introduction to Computer Engineering

     PHY 2211: Intro Physics I
     PHY 2212: Intro Physics II